Hawaiian Rumble 4

Home of the United States ProMiniGolf Association, Hawaiian Rumble prestigious greens are centered around a massive,  40 foot, fire spitting volcano that erupts every TWENTY minutes!

Rumble #16Signature  Hole: 16

How to ACE

tee spot = tee ball in imaginary tee line just greater than one putterhead off of the right yellow teemarker in the right brickline-Front door/straight-in shot.  Roll as close as possible to the “apex” of the left brickline.  It is necessary to catch a small piece of the hill by the hole before going into the cup.  The hill throws the ball into the cup.  Failure to catch a small piece of the hill almost always will result in missing the ace shot on the high side of the hole.

 provided by Pro Player, Dr. Brad Lebo, PA

Hawaiian Rumble 5